Dispatch from Greensboro

Melissa Tinling buys some produce from one of the farmers for the Donation Station

This month we'd like to recognize the great work of The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market's Donation Station, which has been operating only since June and continues to shine! They are one of our strongest Donation Stations currently in operation, third only to our original two markets, Carrboro and Durham. Between the months of June and August, they collected over 2000 pounds of produce and spent over $1500 with farmers!

Melissa Tinling, the Food Corps Service Member who is the Donation Station coordinator in Greensboro, has done a wonderful job of listening to the needs of the community to see how they can best respond. Accordingly, the Greensboro Donation Station makes donations across many areas of interest, including Mary’s House, Share the Harvest, African Services Coalition, Family Promise, Guilford Child DevelopmentTriad Health Project, and two local elementary schools.

In addition to the remarkable numbers and growth, Lee Mortensen, Market Manager of the Curb Market, is getting the Donation Station some great opportunities for growth. He helped create an exciting event for the Donation Station on September 20th at Natty Greene’s Brewing Company in conjunction with their 10th birthday bash. Over the course of the day, the Greensboro Donation Station raffled off three sets of four hand-painted beer glasses featuring each of the classic Natty Greene’s brews. The Brewery collected a portion of money from the vendors and food trucks to give to the Greensboro Donation Station and also gave a portion of the beer sales to fund winter produce purchases.

Some extra volunteers to help out with the buying!

In total, the Greensboro Donation Station made over $200 from the event! They'll use a portion of the funds to purchase a tent, and the rest will go towards their winter fund to make purchases when the market slows down.

We continue to stand proud of our Greensboro Donation Station team. Thank you for what you do! If you’d like to start your own Donation Station at your farmers' market, or if you’d like to support any of the existing ones, please let us know!